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Tim Wright - 07970 289677
(Beekeeping, Product Production & Sales)

Pete Shaw - 07758 131440
(Beekeeping and Equipment Sales)



Lisvane Honey Farm
Unit 8

Mill Farm Industrial Estate
St. Mellons Road

CF14 0SH


Friday     10am - 2pm
Saturday   9am - 1pm




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Not only do we provide the best but we also go beyond the call of duty with our after sales support.



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Beekeeping Equipment is only available from the Farm Shop on a Saturday  (9am - 1pm)

We are very fortunate to have Pete Shaw as one of our partners in Natures Little Helpers.  Pete is very knowledgeable about all aspects of beekeeping and equipment. For five years in the late 70's and early 80's Pete was the Bee Inspector for South Glamorgan and has many years of experience that we can all benefit from.

We are agents for Thornes UK who are one of the largest Beekeeping supply companies in the country and Bee Basics. We also have hives made for us by top craftsmen, these hives come ready assembled to a very high standard and finish.

This takes all the hard work out of putting them together yourself, all you need to do is add frames of foundation that you can get from our shop and you are ready to go.

The unit downstairs is split into two sections, one houses the Honey extracting room where we offer a commercial honey extraction service. You will be able to bring your supers full of honey along and we will extract it for you then put the honey into buckets or bottle it for you, the choice is yours. The second section is a cosmetic and soap making facility where all our Balms, Soaps, Lotions and Candles are produced. People visiting the unit will be able to see us making the products and extracting honey if they wish.

Our equipment is presently not available for order online.


When you first start to keep bees there are a few bits of equipment you will need.

BASIC EQUIPMENT (see pictures below)

1. Bee suit to stop the little suckers from stinging you

2. Gloves to stop the little suckers from stinging your hands

3. Smoker to let the bees know you're coming when you check their hive

4. Hive tool to help you move frames around in the hive and take the queen excluder off etc

5. Beehive for storing the brood chamber (bottom box) and Super (top box)

6. Frames & Foundation - These are frames that contain wax sheets with impressions of hexagons that the bees can "draw" out for the queen to lay eggs in (in the brood chamber) and also to store honey (mainly in the Super). As you progress in beekeeping your list of equipment will get longer but this is what we started with.

Equipment can be bought new or secondhand, the choice is up to you.

Natures Best Designs are the people who make beehives exclusively for us.

At Natures Best Designs we offer a full range of habitats for your pets and garden visitors. As well as all the products on offer, we provide a full bespoke service tailored to your specific requirements.