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Tim Wright - 07970 289677
(Beekeeping, Product Production & Sales)

Pete Shaw - 07758 131440
(Beekeeping and Equipment Sales)



Lisvane Honey Farm
Unit 8

Mill Farm Industrial Estate
St. Mellons Road

CF14 0SH


Friday     10am - 2pm
Saturday   9am - 5pm




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Not only do we provide the best but we also go beyond the call of duty with our after sales support.



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Behind Natures Little Helpers


Our names are Tim Wright and Pete Shaw and we are the BIG Helpers behind Natures Little Helpers.

The Business was started on a part time basis 8 years ago and has grown over the years to become a full time occupation for both of us and we absolutely love what we do.

The business has been set up as a one stop shop for all your beekeeping needs.

We sell beehives, associated equipment, protective clothing, honey and also make a whole range of skincare products using our honey and beeswax.

We also raise over 100 colonies of bees each year for sale and for our own use headed by young Buckfast queens that we breed on site at our unit in Lisvane.

Training in the art of beekeeping is also provided on site and experience afternoons are also catered for to allow people to get a feel for this amazing hobby.

Between us we have over 50 years experience in all aspects of beekeeping and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Tim Wright

I started off life as a fish farmer many years ago and loved the outdoor life but my situation changed after several years and I ended up in the printing industry where I stayed in one form or another for many, many year.

After taking on an allotment 12 years ago my interest in the outdoor life was re kindled and after finding out I couldn’t keep pigs or chickens on my allotment I enquired about keeping bees. After a lengthy bit of negotiations with the allotment powers that be I was granted permission to keep 2 hives on my plot.

I attended night school and did an eight week course with the Cardiff Vale and Valleys Beekeeping association
( ). At the end of the course I was mentored by Pete Shaw who took me under his wing and taught me the art of beekeeping.

This really blew my mind and I became completely addicted, what started off as a hobby has now turned into a full-time business with my mentor Pete and we currently have around 200 hives that we manage.

Pete Shaw

I have been keeping bees now for over 40 years and still love what I do. When I started I didn’t have anyone to teach me what to do so I had a book in one hand and a smoker in the other. It was a very steep learning curve but I survived and so did the bees.

I worked as a seasonal bee inspector for many years and had my own commercial bee farming business but had to get a real job when my family came along and I worked in the civil service for my sins. As Tim has explained he was a student of mine and as they say the rest is history.

Welcome to Natures Little Helpers

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